Nov 15, 2016
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Bedroom with a King-sized Bed in front of Window

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This bedroom has disobeyed some rules of Feng Sui, but it still looks amazing. Feng Sui suggests to avoid placing the bed in front of window because chi, or the energy that flows through everything can disturb your sleep. However, you have the freedom to design your own bedroom and the only rules that matter is yours!

In this featured bedroom interior, the designers saw the windows as a potential headboard because of the its height. It is located higher on the wall, hence the designers placed the bed underneath it. As you can see, the bed still has a headboard, but it doesn’t conceal the windows. This is important because the window is the focal point of the room that you don’t want to obliterate.

bed in front of windowYes, the windows are already big and bold but that didn’t stop the designers from getting playful. They accessorized the room with artsy and eclectic pieces such as the luggage stacks used as a night stand. In addition, they hung black and white photos and other modern displays that add visual interest in the design.

Bedroom interior with king-size bed in front of window

It’s also good to have minimal pieces when you have a strong architectural focal point. In this room, the designers created simple alcove shelves that married the white walls. The bed too, remained simple and cosy. A huge shelf and a highly decorative bed can argue with the windows and cause visual chaos that any homeowner wishes to avoid.

Bedroom interior with king-size bed in front of window

So even if this room break some rules of Feng Sui, it still came out clean and neat. That is what’s most important.

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