Sep 27, 2016
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Backyard Design that Doesn’t Break the Bank

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Your backyard doesn’t have to look splurged to be a relaxing escape. Here, we feature one with a cosy fire pit and a fountain. Bricks make up the round pit which can handle flames you can use for toasting marshmallows. The design extends to the flooring, hence creating a staunch circle where everyone can feel warm and comforted. Instead of using wide outdoor sofas,  the designers put up a pair of old rocking chairs. It’s simple and it doesn’t overpower the beauty of your landscape. In fact, it’s a cheap yet exciting addition to this area! It’s beautiful in the day, it’ll be gorgeous and inviting at night! To make sure that this design won’t cost so much, look for bargained materials in the market. You can also reuse things you have at home.


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