Nov 14, 2016
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Choosing a Media Room over a Home Theatre

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Choose a media room when you want an entertainment center which brings in social experience. It is place where you can invite people over for a movie or a big game. It’s also perfect for parties and other celebrations you want to host! It is multipurpose, thus you can use it anyway you like.

This design features a media room which looks like a spacious family room. It has a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall as the focal point of the room. Aside from the television, there is a fireplace which adds warmth to the space when lit. Cozy, flexible sofas form an L-shape seating, which faces both the fireplace and TV. You can’t get this kind of room when you go for a home theatre. They are exciting, but a media room can offer a lot more than a mini cinema at home.



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