Oct 21, 2016
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Contemporary Designed Living Area with No TV

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This is an instant getaway from urban stress, a place where your home and nature meets. The creators of this contemporary designed living room eliminated the TV in order to highlight the garden.  Instead, they made the sliding glass doors and the fireplace massive. The home’s well-kept garden played a role in this design mainly because of the sliding doors. It allowed your eyes to gaze on the landscape so it can pull all your tensions out. On the other hand, the huge fireplace did a good job at enticing the front wall. It’s dark bold features stood up completely from the lightly coloured walls. Most importantly, this room had symmetry. The balance in the room made it inviting as much as the outdoor view. In fact, standing near the dining area makes you appreciate this room, despite not having a TV.

contemporary designed living and dining room


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