Sep 14, 2016
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Explore this Modern Home’s Storage Solutions

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This house has commendable storage solutions starting from the living room until the dining room and kitchen. The custom cabinets and shelves will bust all the bad clutter, hence addressing all organization issues. Notice the wooden shelves found in the living room of this house. It’s open and huge, therefore allowing the homeowner to display books, vases, and other table top decorations in it.

Modern house with exceptional storage solutions , dining area

Exploring the house further, you’ll find a custom-built pantry in a dining area. Used in the space are dark wood chairs, which contrasts nicely with the light wood furnishings around it.

The designer constructed drawers and cabinets of different sizes that will suit the future needs of the homeowner. On one of the highest point of the cupboard is a mini-wine cellar. The wine is always in reach during a celebration!


This spacious dining room then links to a long, narrow kitchen. Despite the separation from the huge area, the kitchen still looks connected because of the uniform custom storages.

Modern house with exceptional storage solutions , kitchen

Inside the kitchen, you’ll find marble tiles used as the kitchen backsplash. The smooth surface of the tiles repels oil, water, and other elements, thus protecting the white walls from hard to clean food stains.

Modern house with exceptional storage solutions , kitchen

Most importantly, the light interiors of this home guarantee to keep this house looking open, spacious, and airy once the homeowner started filling the spaces up with goods!

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