Nov 15, 2016
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Modern Loft Design with Interesting Elements and Mirror Placement

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There are prevalent industrial styled loft houses in the city, but this home isn’t one of them. The designers of this house created a timeless contemporary loft design which shows elegance in every inch. It has numerous interesting elements which can top the nouveau homes you regularly see in magazines.

The design features a free-standing wall that double duties as a kitchen island. It separates the living area and the kitchen. They mounted the TV on one of its sides and put a frameless mirror on the other. The mirror made the kitchen unique and stunning, also an interesting kitchen island design. In addition, it has reflective surfaces strategically placed on areas such as the entryway and the living room. Designers did this to make the area look more spacious. It also has a tall focal wall with wood embellishments for texture. Attached to it is a modern, handless staircase that leads to the modern bedroom in the elevated area. It seems like an invitation to climb up so you can lay on the bed with a splurged headboard.


Artistic New Home Design with Beige Tones, mirror in the kitchen

Artistic Loft Design with Beige Tones



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