Oct 27, 2016
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Superb Fireplace and Stairs of a New Home

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The Architects of this new home created several spots that you will admire as the homeowner. First is this large fireplace in the middle of the (soon-to-be) living room. It’s a great architectural element to keep a large space looking intimate. The best part about it is its cylindrical shape, which doesn’t look too edgy.

fireplace and stairs in a new house

Behind the fireplace is a walkway with an indoor garden. This spot duplicates nature inside the house, hence giving you a breath of fresh air all year around. Walking in this area can boost your mood because plants are proven to affect your mind in a positive way. In addition, this house also has Mediterranean influences in it such as the arched, bell tower openings.

fireplace and stairs in a new house

The new house’s stairs are also a wonder because of its looks. This U-shaped staircase has a central landing where you can see the living room and the walkway below it. The steps are also low and wide, hence it’s friendly for the elderly or for someone wearing heels.

fireplace and stairs in a new house

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