Feb 2, 2017
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How to Keep the TV and Fireplace at Peace in the Same Room

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The telly and the fireplace are two huge, attention-grabbing elements in a living room. Television sets are entertaining while fireplaces are homey and relaxing. Both have specific purposes. But when they’re not positioned properly, these two focal points may end up as a design dilemma.

Good news is, you don’t have to choose. You don’t have to loose one for another. These are clever ways to rock the TV and fireplace combination. Here are some:

1. Ask yourself. Which is worthy of being the focal point — the fireplace or the television?

The only way to make the TV and fireplace work in a room is to separate them. Hence, you have to answer the question above. It’s perhaps the most important question to solve your design dilemma. Your choice would determine the first element that your guests will see in the room.

How to Keep the TV and Fireplace at Peace in the Same Room

In this living room, designers prioritised the television over the fab fireplace. To keep the occupants interested in both, they used a modular semi-circle couch in the space. This way, they can appreciate both focal points.


2. Explore modern, artsy designs


In this design, materials such as brick helped divide the wall. It also defined the depth in it.


3. Play with texture

You can use different textures to separate the television and the firepit on the same wall. The contrast will help your eyes drift and focus to either the tv or the firebox.

How to Keep the TV and Fireplace at Peace in the Same Room


4. Matching sizes

It’s easier to balance the weight of the TV and the firebox when they’re almost the same size.


In this design, a custom cavity separates the tv and the firebox. But the designers placed the two side by side. Their nearly similar size seems to cancel their weight and keeps the wall balanced.


5. Asymmetry

Sometimes, asymmetry saves you from your problem. Hung a square or rectangular piece of art to keep the tv and fireplace in good company.



6. Angled walls

You can put either the TV of the fireplace on an angled wall. This way, you can enjoy the two living room essentials at the same time.


7. Use the alcoves

Alcoves are the recess you have in your walls. Take advantage of its depth to separate the television from the fireplace.

How to Keep the TV and Fireplace at Peace in the Same Room


If you may have noticed, we did not recommend putting the television over the fireplace. Some television sets may not withstand the heat from the fireplace. We would like all your appliances to last longer. At the same time, we don’t want you to hurt your neck because of the viewing angle.

At the end of the day, the tv and fireplace combo needs delicate balance. The two can be a team to give you warm and welcoming interiors.

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