Generally, modafinil is commonly used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness, brought by conditions like sleep apnea, shift sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. It is also related to excessive daytime sleepiness, which causes cannot be identified. Finding this medicine can be a challenging task. This is because of the many manufacturers and dealers in the market. However, you can read reviews of some customers and compare quality and price. Naturally, high-quality products are expensive.

Uses of modafinil

Typically, you will need to buy modafinil to improve wakefulness. This is effective for patients who have excessive sleepiness, associated with narcolepsy or sleeping disorder. Nevertheless, it can be used to treat other conditions as prescribed by a qualified doctor. Modafinil boost wakefulness. However, the way it works has never been known. It is thought that it works by releasing some natural chemicals to the brain. Make sure you use the medicine for the right purpose for effective and desired results.

How to take

It is very important to follow the prescriptions of the doctor. You should not take more or less. Additionally, you should not take this medicine for longer than prescribed. Typically, modafinil is taken for 12 weeks at most. The common prescription of this dosage is 200 mg in a day.


Other conditions apart from shift work sleep disorder; this medicine is taken one or two doses in the morning. Doctors discourage taking the dose in the afternoon. If you take it later in the day, you might experience insomnia during the night. You can consult your family members or friends on how to take if it is your first time. A qualified doctor should be able to advise you beyond just taking modafinil.

Side effects of modafinil

This medicine might cause severe and adverse effects. Therefore, it is very important to consult your doctor before taking. The common side effects experienced include fever, headache, sore throat, and peeling, skin rash, blistering, and vomiting. Modafinil is discussed to have contraceptive effects that might last for a month. In case of severe side effects, you should also consult your doctor for further treatment.



If you know you, have allergic to this medicine, then you should consider avoiding armodafinil or modafinil. It is very important to disclose to your doctor if you have liver and kidney disorder, chest pain, heart diseases, blood pressure, drug addiction, or have had a heart attack. Typically, this medicine impairs thinking or reaction.

Therefore, if you work in a place that requires maximum attention, then you should be careful to avoid accidents. Additionally, make sure to deal with only qualified doctors. You can request for the license in case you have doubt. Avoid buying the modafinil from any vendor in the stores.